• Customer Testimonails

    I had certain goals I wanted to achieve and through AsiaWorks, I have experienced confidence, believing in myself and most importantly, trust, not in others, but in myself. I have taken what I have learned and practiced it. 

    Yes, I still make mistakes along the way, but I pick myself up and move on. AsiaWorks didn't 'change' me, but it certainly gave me a whole new meaning to my motto in life – 'carpe diem' which means seize the day! 

    Becoming Miss Malaysia Universe was one of my goals, and I did it! 

    More importantly, my relationship with my parents developed to a greater level... they decided to see what AsiaWorks was about for themselves. I'm proud to say they graduated from the AsiaWorks Basic Training with flying colours!

    Elaine Daly Miss Malaysia Universe 2003/20
  • Customer Testimonails

    What I learned is to be 100% responsible for my results, instead of seeing myself as a victim of circumstances. I also learned the importance of going 100%. By going 100%, not only did I get better results in my life but I enjoyed myself even more! These 2 key learnings allowed me to really take a look at my life again. 

    “Making a Difference” is also a very important value to have, not just for myself but also for my company which now has a new vision “We deliver Happiness”. For us, this means that our purpose is not just to make money for the shareholders or just to take care of the customers and employees, rather it is also important for us to take a look at our community. The focus is how can we make a positive difference to others. At the end I believe it will be win-win.

    Cheang Ping Keat Group CEO Khind Holdings Berha